The A.M. – Episode July 25, 2022

Program: The A.M.

Length: 180 minutes

Start your Monday off right with mellow sounds from around the globe and across the decades. Earthy UK experimentations, an Italian Lou Reed knockoff, cosmically minded Canadian afrobeat, and a pair of singles from 1970s Morocco's grooviest siblings, all assembled to start your week off right.


  • Hearts
    Various Artists, featuring Lazarus Moments • Forest City Series, Volume Five
  • Railway Tracks
    The Hardy Tree • Common Grounds
  • Fibonacci Dusk
    Morgan Szymanski, Tommy Perman • Music for the Moon and the Trees
  • Aerial Smell of Reality
    Saphileaum • Ganbana
  • Homeworld
    In The Well • Atomium
  • All the Rivers Born in the Mountains
    Forest Robots • Supermoon Moonlight Part Two
  • i: /o
    Arp • New Pleasures
  • Flutterflow
    hello moth • birds on wires
  • Alpenglow
    Azula, juniorodeo, Himalayan Beach Ensemble • Single
  • Hanging Gardens
    Monster Rally • Botanica Dream
  • Parallel One
    Stelar Door • Visions of Erehwon
  • Leave the room and face the waves
    Thanya Iyer • rest
  • Find the Place Where You Belong
    Woo • Woo Revisited
  • Golden Galactic
    Pantha du Prince • Garden Gaia
  • In the Dark
    MISZCZYK, featuring Laetitia Sade • Thyrsis of Etna
  • Change and Vanish
    Cornelius, featuring mei ehara • Single
  • Mirror
    Jomoro • Blue Marble Sky
  • Jay-Men Baid
    Les Frères Megri • Single
  • Sebar
    Les Frères Megri • Single
  • Conspiring with Nature
    Badge Époque Ensemble • Clouds of Joy
  • La Forêt
    Pi Ja Ma • Seule Sous Ma Frange
  • OopeeUm
    Zoon, featuring Jasmine Trails • Big Pharma EP
  • feverfew
    Megumi Acorda • Demo
  • L’inquietudine
    Victor Sogliani • Grand Italia
  • Helena
    Sessa • Estrela Acesa
  • Warped by Heat
    Raf Wilcot • Cinnabar Bouquet
  • You Don’t Know What’s Going On
    Exuma • Exuma, The Obeah Man
  • San Fernando Shadow Blues
    La Luz • Endless Afternoon
  • Along
    Ghost Woman • Ghost Woman
  • Domino
    Corridor • Junior
  • At Pace
    Cola • Deep In View
  • Fortune Goodies
    Minami Deutsch • Fortune Goodies
  • Other Birds
    I Am A Coyote • Single
  • Sanctuary
    Medicine Singers • Medicine Singers