The A.M. – Episode August 15, 2022

Program: The A.M.

Length: 180 minutes

More musical mantras for Monday mornings, starting with the healing sounds of Hinako Omori, wrapping with No False Suns' Calgary kosmische, and finding room for a world of synths, psychedelia, shoegaze, and sunshine pop in between. Hope you enjoy it.


  • A Journey
    hinako omori • ...a journey
  • Rolling Hills
    Skyminds • Terra Preta
  • Green to You
    Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Emile Mosseri • I Could Be Your Dog / I Could Be Your Moon
  • Twice
    In The Well • Atomium
  • There Is No Up
    Lunar Lemur • Sifting Stars
  • Hidden Language of Four
    Deniz Cuylan • Rings Of Juniper
  • Circles Within Circles
    Pulselovers • Circles Within Circles
  • Sun Glimmers
    Myna Cycles • Myna Cycles
  • Circles in June
    Moat Bells • Bones of Things
  • Apropos
    Various Artists, featuring Zachary Gray • Forest City Series, Vol. 5
  • Floating Sunset
    Jilo • Into the Sunwinds
  • Origami Forest
    Pocket Pavilions • Gondolas Traversing Lofty Peaks
  • Eleven (Eleven They Will Never Solve)
    The Shangs • Sonny Bono Tear Down This Wall Of Sound!
  • Fade Out
    Alithia Leora Hambleton • Mae Belle
  • Word on a Wing
    Dana Gavanski • Bouncing Ball
  • I Am So Happy With My Little Dog
    Shabason & Krgovich • At Scaramouche
  • Old Man Willow
    Elephant's Memory • Elephant's Memory (1969)
  • Good
    Ghost Woman • Ghost Woman
  • Canonized
    Faith Healer • Cosmic Troubles
  • Spaceship
    The Radiation Flowers • Stuck In A Maze
  • Wishes
    Crystal Eyes • The Sweetness Restored
  • What Its Like
    Blume • Waves Of Love
  • Crime Seed
    Meditations on Crime • Single
  • Whirlpool
    Panda Bear, Sonic Boom • Reset
  • Even Keel
    Slight • Single
  • Ride Free
    Eris Drew • Quivering in Time
  • And I
    Kee Avil • Crease
  • 1990 or so
    No False Suns • Jubilee Me