The A.M. – Episode October 10, 2022

Lazy music for a holiday Monday, opening with contemporary classical and experimental folk from Cancon stalwarts Richard Reed Parry, Brian Borcherdt, and Sarah Neufeld, and sticking with ethereal sounds throughout. Happy long weekend to all the Canucks listening to this—hope you have a wonderful week.


  • Streaming
    Quilting • Quilting
  • Field VII: Overtone Heartbeats
    Richard Reed Parry, Susie Ibarra • Heart and Breath: Rhythm and Tone Fields
  • The Top (Rival Consoles Remix)
    Sarah Neufeld • Single
  • EKC Democracy
    Eine Kleine China • User Illusion II
  • Miracles
    T. Gowdy • Miracles
  • Ascent from the Circle
    Ulrich Schnauss • The Extremist
  • Flyboat
    Frunk29 • The Fifth Season
  • Between All Things
    OHMA • Between All Things
  • Thank You
    Brainstory • Buck
  • I Am So Happy With My Little Dog
    Shabason & Krgovich • At Scaramouche
  • In Between
    Lucinate • Sunday Morning
  • Moon Garden
    Dreamlord Recordings, featuring Arboria • Altered States
  • Now You Know It’s True
    Zacht Automaat • P is for Progress
  • Sonhando Com Nosso Amor
    Pearl & The Oysters • Single
  • Vanishing Twin Syndrome
    Vanishing Twin • Choose Your Own Adventure
  • Diamante Nasce
    Oruã • Esmeralda Destiny Analysis
  • Hiding Out
    Peel Dream Magazine • Pad
  • End of Story
    Ryan Bourne • Single
  • Magnolias and Revolvers
    The Soul Surfers & Janko Nilovic • Two Tales For The Mind
  • Slow American Movement
    Yonatan Gat, featuring Greg Saunier (Deerhoof), Mikey Coltun (Mdou Moctar), Curt Sydnor • American Quartet
  • Bluedusk
    Sun's Signature • Sun's Signature
  • Further Than the Stars
    Gloria de Oliveira & Dean Hurley • Oceans of Time
  • Is This Where It Ends
    Nabihah Iqbal • Single
  • Exquisite Tension
    You'll Never Get to Heaven • Images
  • Tom Verlaine
    Alvvays • Blue Rev
  • A Bright Spark
    wasmarkhere • Maya
  • Side By Side
    Carla dal Forno • Come Around
  • Soldados Caidos - Live
    Sei Still • Fuzz Club Session