The A.M. – Episode October 24, 2022

Program: The A.M.

Length: 180 minutes

It's that one week out of the year where CJSW asks our community for support. Even if you aren't listening live, and even if you're listening from well outside Calgary, Canada, or even North America, you can still donate to CJSW by heading to Thanks to Wordfest, The Allium, and the Calgary Underground Film Festival for their generous donations. We'll be back to a normal-ish AM next week (with some Halloween treats in the mix, naturally).


  • Light Memoir
    Charbonneau/Amato • Personal Growth (Funding Drive Mix)
  • D85 Teardrop
    Chad VanGaalen • Personal Growth (Funding Drive Mix)
  • Sunflower Dance
    Green-House • 100% Plant-Based AM (Funding Drive Mix)
  • Industries in the Trees
    Julien Mier • 100% Plant-Based AM (Funding Drive Mix)
  • March for Salt Over Gold
    Jilk • Personal Growth (Funding Drive Mix)
  • Only Fan of the Space Program
    Untrained Animals • Personal Growth (Funding Drive Mix)
  • Baxter Climb
    tstewart • Personal Growth (Funding Drive Mix)
  • Sugar Maple Turn
    Fuubutsushi • 100% Plant-Based AM (Funding Drive Mix)
  • End Credits
    MISZCZYK, featuring The Space Lady • Personal Growth (Funding Drive Mix)
  • Tiny Floating Things in the Air
    Moat Bells • Personal Growth (Funding Drive Mix)
  • L’inquietudine
    Victor Sogliani • Branching Out (Funding Drive Mix)
  • The World Filled to the Brim
    Steven Lambke • Branching Out (Funding Drive Mix)
  • Through the Woods
    Yasmin Williams • 100% Plant-Based AM (Funding Drive Mix)
  • Gemini
    The Brazda Brothers • Branching Out (Funding Drive Mix)
  • Dandelion
    Florist • 100% Plant-Based AM (Funding Drive Mix)
  • Endless Tube
    Yves Jarvis • Branching Out (Funding Drive Mix)
  • Blissed for a Minute
    JOYFULTALK • Personal Growth (Funding Drive Mix)
  • Don't Forget You're Precious
    Alabaster dePlume • Personal Growth (Funding Drive Mix)
  • A Decision of the Flower
    Mahogany Frog • 100% Plant-Based AM (Funding Drive Mix)
  • Trees and Flowers
    Strawberry Switchblade • 100% Plant-Based AM (Funding Drive Mix)
  • Miracle Fruit
    Molly Lewis • 100% Plant-Based AM
  • Belafonte's Farewell
    Wayfinding • Ear Worms: Live Sessions from CJSW 90.9FM
  • Over and Over
    Space Opera • Branching Out (Funding Drive Mix)
  • Grimpy
    gerry • Branching Out (Funding Drive Mix)
  • Nattens Sista Strimma Ljus
    Dungen • Branching Out (Funding Drive Mix)
  • Les Fleurs
    Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band • 100% Plant-Based AM
  • SMB
    Yoo Doo Right • Branching Out (Funding Drive Mix)