The A.M. – Episode January 2, 2023

The second part of AM Gold 2022—starting the new year with a look back at some favourites from the old one. For the full 100-album list, plus Bandcamp and Spotify lists, visit Welcome to 2023. But remember, January 1st is a completely arbitrary start to the year. It's not a solstice or equinox. Not tied to the sun or the moon. It isn't tied to planting or harvesting, doesn't mark any particular change in season. It's just a day. It's only meaningful because we say it is. If you want it to inspire change and ambition, great, but if not, don't get too hung up on it.


  • Morning Glory Waltz
    Green-House • Solar Editions
  • Up on the Hill
    The Hardy Tree • Common Grounds
  • Light Memoir
    Charbonneau / Amato • Synth Works Vol. 2
  • Expo Transit System
    Pocket Pavilions • Gondolas Traversing Lofty Peaks
  • Bonsai
    Maria Chiara Argirò • Forest City
  • Imaginary Pasts
    Esmerine • Everything Was Forever Until It Was No More
  • Rainbird
    Forgiveness • Next Time Could Be Your Last Time
  • There Is No Up
    Lunar Lemur • Sifting Stars
  • Terminal Lucidity
    Where`s The Other • Relaxology
  • Inner Activity
    The Advisory Circle • Full Circle
  • Ital is Vital
    Shabaka • Afrikan Culture
  • Island Hopping
    Monster Rally • Botanica Dream
  • Dream Another
    Makaya McCraven • In These Times
  • Self Actualization Center
    Peel Dream Magazine • Pad
  • Estrela Acesa
    Sessa • Estrela Acesa
  • Algo Grandioso
    Mabe Fratti • Se Ve Desde Aquí
  • fool
    Winter • What Kind of Blue Are You?
  • Miss Miss Miss
    Living Hour • Someday Is Today
  • Indigo Highway
    Dana Gavanski • When It Comes
  • We Are Part Mineral
    Hannah Peel, Paraorchestra • The Unfolding
  • Forge
    NETRVNNER • Moonward
  • Slow American Movement
    Yonatan Gat • American Quartet
  • Now You Know It’s True
    Zacht Automaat • P Is For Progress
  • Faux Punk
    Persica 3 • Tangerine
  • The Instrument
    The Orielles • Tableau
  • A Dream I Had
    Crystal Eyes • The Sweetness Restored
  • On the Line
    Yves Jarvis • The Zug
  • Don't Let Me Let You Down
    Large Plants • The Carrier
  • Korb’s Third Android
    Korb • III
  • Giizhiig
    Zoon • A Sterling Murmuration EP
  • Let It Happen
    Blume • Waves of Love