The A.M. – Episode January 16, 2023

Music for a misty Monday morning, opening with gentle neo-classical and post-rock, drifting through soft psychedelia, shoegaze and jangle pop, and ending off in kosmische territory (with a couple of upbeat detours along the way). Mogwai tackling Neu!, the return of M83, Mac DeMarco gone instrumental, Andy Shauf singing about God — lots to dig into and enjoy, or just ride the mellow vibes into the new week.


  • Gonna Be
    Rosie Lowe, Duval Timothy • Son
  • Utopia I - Luca Longobardi Remix
    Francesca Guccione • Single
  • Ard Diar
    Faten Kanaan • Afterpoem
  • Ticker Tape
    Neil Cowley • Battery Life
  • The Upward March
    Bell Orchestre • Recording a Tape the Colour of the Light
  • Napping Not Counting
    No Birds • Flowers
  • Little Baby Flutter (Birdy, Bye Bye)
    Postnamers • Sissies & Sluts
  • A Revolution in Cuisine
    Colin Stetson • The Menu (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  • I'm Hardly Me
    Brian Eno • ForeverAndEverNoMore
  • Nobody's Home (There's Always a Crow)
    Cold Ghost, Andrew Tuttle • Single
  • The Druids Circle
    The Heartwood Institute • Land of the Lakes
  • Unlimited <3
    Khotin • Release Spirit
  • Wasted On You
    Andy Shauf • Norm
  • Faces in the Firelight
    Shana Cleveland • Manzanita
  • Portland
    Mac DeMarco • Five Easy Hot Dogs
  • You Forgot to Say Goodbye
    Megumi Acorda • Single
  • Ornaments
    Bizarre • Beautica
  • Dream Reverence
    Bizarre • Beautica
  • Windy City Dreams
    Unwed Sailor • Mute the Charm
  • Free Hand, Pt. 3
    The Death of Pop • For a Minute
  • Sooner (Home Session)
    Zoon • Zoon Home Sessions
  • How to Die Happy
    Fucked Up • Dose Your Dreams
  • Earth in Hand
    The Ecstasy of Gold • Volume One
  • Dreamin'
    Gianni Oddi • Single
  • Raining Again
    Pender Street Steppers • Pender Street Steppers
  • Sunday Laid Moo
    Plone • Plock
  • Sunshine v
    Morgan Greenwood • Single
  • Nectar Eyes
    Kanot • Textile Fantasies
  • Super (Mogwai Remix)
    Neu!, featuring Mogwai • Tribute
  • First Ray of the Eternal Sunshine
    Harmonische-23 • Kiosk
  • reformat (egypto)
    Chad VanGaalen • Odds & Sods 2
  • Oceans Niagara
    M83 • Fantasy