The Almanacs – Episode May 4, 2017

PALGARY ALMANAC #25: How the Trans Canada Trail became a dangerous hoax, social housing in Alberta, Calgary Dollars & Asian Heritage Month.


  • Glaciers I, Pt. I
    Jessica Moss • Pools of Light
  • Evolution
    Kelly Lee Owens • Kelly Lee Owens
  • Paradise
    Jenn Grant • Paradise
  • It Was Late and We Watched the Motel Burn
    Mary Lattimore • Collected Pieces
  • Spindrift
    Colin Stetson • All This I Do for Glory
  • Fully Waterproof
    Child Actress • Milking a Dead Cow
  • Justify
    Tei Shi • Crawl Space
  • Dissociation (Kyla's Song)
    Joni Void • Selfless
  • On dit que je ne suis pas sage
    Laurie Briard • Sorcellerie
  • Look at You Now
    Sam Outlaw • Tenderheart
  • Star Roving
    Slowdive • Slowdive
  • Cummins Falls
    75 Dollar Bill • Wood Metal Plastic Pattern Rhythm Rock
  • Sewer Blues
    Timber Timbre • Sincerely, Future Pollution
  • Bound
    Do Make Say Think • Stubborn Persistent Illusions
  • A Bigger Paper Bag
    Father John Misty • Pure Comedy
  • All This I Do for Glory
    Colin Stetson • All This I Do for Glory
  • Debt and Greed
    Man Forever • Play What They Want
  • Slip Away
    Perfume Genius • No Shape