The Almanacs – Episode September 23, 2021

Program: The Almanacs

Length: 180 minutes

Rambler's Almanac Ep 63: Despite proposing moderate market reforms, progressive parties are often described as radical. Even right-wing politicians are called socialist despite their clear dedication to capitalist interests. Sarah and Nicole talk about why this phenomenon exists, and the importance of broadening political discussions to include socialist, communist, and Marxist viewpoints in political discussions — even if you disagree. To illustrate a Marxist perspective on the current crisis in Alberta, an excerpt from Fightback’s “WTF is Jason Kenney Doing?” is played and discussed.


  • Rest
    Cain Price • Open Call EP
  • Lights
    The Living Picture • Clear Days
  • Ameleon
    Mega Bog • Life, and Another
  • Days Like These
  • 100 Miles From Nowhere
    Shiny Joe Ryan • Shiny's Democracy
  • Dark Spring
    Beach House • 7
  • Lost in the Plot
    Meggie Lennon • Sounds From Your Lips
  • c-thru
    SUUNS • The Witness
  • Survive Outside
    untrained animals • Fragments of a Chronology of Chance
  • Paranoid Enough
    Brad Sucks • A New Low In Hi-Fi
  • Heartbreaks
    Parlour Panther • Retrograde
  • Uh Oh
    Children Collide • Time Itself
  • (Now There's) Just Today
    Jacquie Drew • Lifelong Truth
  • Portrait of the Artist as a Thursday
    Charles Spearin • My City Of Starlings
  • Moonjuice
    Possum • Lunar Gardens
  • Let It In
    Breeze • Only Up
  • Right
    Various Artists • Modern Love
  • Something Real
    FHANG • Fhang
  • Fake is Good
    Nixego • Novagenesis
  • Wait Your Turn
    Arlo Maverick, featuring Deuce Fantastick, Oozeela & Mouraine • Soul Merchant