The Almanacs – Episode November 18, 2021

Program: The Almanacs

Length: 180 minutes

Rambler's Almanac Ep 67: We dive into the importance of post-secondary institutions as a public good, and the fight against austerity in this sector. Interviews with the UMFA Vice President, one of the authors of Roadmap or Roadkill: A Critical Look at the Government's Strategy for Post-Secondary Education in Alberta, and representatives from the Alberta Coalition for Affordable Tuition. We finish with an interview from Calgary filmmaker Dominique Keller to discuss Love: The Last Chapter which will be having it's hometown debut November 24th as part of


  • Hello Horizon
    Lucky Sonne • Belleweather
  • Sympathy & Vegetation
    Charles Spearin • My City Of Starlings
  • Tulips at My Bedside
    Central Heat Exchange, featuring Living Hour • Central Heat Exchange
  • I Was Awake for Awhile
    Astral Swans • Astral Swans
  • Sintaluta
    The Garrys • Get Thee To A Nunnery
  • Days Like These
  • Uh Oh
    Children Collide • Time Itself
  • Fire is Burning
    Born On a Wednesday • From the Headwaters
  • Could I Have This Dance
    Anne Murray • Anne Murray's Greatest Hits
  • How Could I Ever Be Single Again
    The Deep Dark Woods • Changing Faces
  • Space
    Lodgepole Kind • Dust Up EP
  • 80s-90s
    sean beaver • the releases i never speak of
  • Max Turbo
    NETRVNNER • Nexus