The Blues Witness – Episode December 11, 2019


  • Signifying Woman
    Jazz Gillum • Single
  • We're All Sharecroppers Now
    David Vest • Devastatin' Rhythm
  • Can I Bring My Clothes Back Home?
    Tim Williams • Tim Williams and the Electro-Fires Live
  • Everybody Wants a Cadillac
    Big Dave and the Ultrasonics • Big Dave and the Ultrasonics
  • Son of a Gun
    Dawn Tyler Watson • Jawbreaker!
  • You Need a Great Big Woman
    Candye Kane • Diva La Grande
  • That's How I Roll
    Debra Power • That's How I Roll
  • It Ain't No Fun
    Cash Box Kings • Hail to the Kings
  • Trashy Women
    Poonanny • The Grindin' Man
  • Herc's Hop
    The Twisters • Fulla Hot Air
  • I Can't Complain
    JD McPherson • Signs and Signifiers