The Brutal and the Beautiful – Episode October 4, 2021

Program: The Brutal and the Beautiful

Length: 120 minutes


  • Mass
    sub lumen • a little more
  • Re-Pho-Kuss (featuring Oliver Ho)
    The Black Dog • Music For Photographers
  • Reveal
    Mike Rish • Reveal/Killing Time
  • Unlocked
    Nepotek • Unlocked EP
  • Hope Is The Last Thing To Die (Daniel Avery Remix)
    David Holmes feat. Raven • Hope Is The Last Thing To Die (The Remixes)
  • Love Or Die (Club Version)
    Dapayk Solo • Love Or Die
  • Joss (Shaaker Remix)
    Eldon • Razer EP
  • Used To
    Skepsis • Faith In Chaos EP
  • Take Me
    Lackmus • Take Me
  • Invain (SC's Galvatron Dub)
    Sasha Carassi feat Kendah • Invain EP
  • What U Doing
    Dennis Cruz feat. Leo Wood • Roots
  • Meet Me At The Sea
    Minor Sine Project • Meet Me At The Sea EP
  • Elated
    Various Artists, Thrive • EMERGE: A West Coast Dance Music Sampler
  • A Choice (Alex Banks Remix)
    Raven Bush • Fall Into Noise Remixes
  • Killing Time feat Boy Wolf
    Helsloot • Killing Time feat. Boy Wolf
  • Nobody (Sudden Urges Mix)
    Raven • Mania
  • Cluttered
    Hassan Abou Alam • Needs x Green Vinyl presents The Future Of Vinyl
  • Contrast
    Avision • Contrast
  • Determination
    Justin Jay • Determination EP
  • The Bridge
    True Peak Limit • Carriages
  • Constructive Ambiguity (Hodge Remix)
    Krust • TEOE Remixes #3
  • Drum Vehicle (Spurz Carpool Mix)
    Vlsonn • N/A
  • Overlay
    Joel West • All Talk EP
  • The Melting Pot
    The Accountant • N/A
  • IDORU (Modeselektor Remix)
    Grimes • Miss Anthropocene (Rave Edition)