The Cram Session – Episode September 7, 2016

Some music to get everything done to. Sit down, drink some black coffee and let the school year commence.


  • Frederica
    Do Make Say Think • Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn
  • Plurals
    Cloudkicker • Woum
  • Sound-support Surface Noises Reaching Out To You
    Le Fly Pan Am • Ceux Qui Inventent N'Ont Jamals Vecu (?)
  • I Believe In Your Victory
    This Will Destroy You • Young Mountain
  • Infinite Orbit
    Explosions in the Sky • The Wilderness
  • Take Me Somewhere Nice
    Mogwai • Rock Action
  • Dead Malls
    Dirty Inputs • The Runcible
  • Indoor Swimming At The Space Station
    Eluvium • Copia
  • Drain Sea
    Corinthian • Eurozone Ghost