The Cram Session – Episode November 30, 2016


  • Rano Pano
    Mogwai • Hardcore Will Never Die, but You Will
  • Rano Pano (Tim Hecker Remix)
    Mogwai • A Wrenched Virile Lore
  • Glens Goo
    The Dead Texan • The Dead Texan
  • The Lisbon Maru
    Fuck Buttons • Tarot Spot
  • When Day Chokes the Night
    Do Make Say Think • Goodbye Enemy Airship The Landlord is Dead
  • A Boat Upon Its Blood Pt.1
    Jason Sharp • A Boat Upon Its Blood
  • Some Were Saved and Some Were Drowned
    Wrekmeister Harmonies • Light Falls
  • Our Last Goodbye
    I Will Fight With Lions • Sun Breaks
  • Raimaker
    Release The Long • Holocene
  • Descends
    Pierre Masse • Days Untold