The Doppler Effect – Episode May 20, 2019

Post Punk / underground music from China and other weirdness


  • The Psychologist
    Marie Davidson, (Montreal) • Working Class Woman
  • Restless Spirit
    Melted Mirror, (Calgary) • Past Life
  • This Is Not A Test
    Carole Pope (Scarborough ON) • This Is Not A Test EP
  • Ilaló (Baiuca Remix)
    Chancha Vía Circuito & Mateo Kingman (Spain) • remix ep
  • Facebook Drama
    Northern Cree (Saddle Lake, AB) • Dancerz Groove
  • Bob's Shadow
    cEvin Key (Vancouver) • The Ghost of Each Room
  • hhushh
    tigerwing x barnaby bennett, (Calgary) • xela {deluxe}
  • The Woman
    muhr (Montreal) • Dream Dictionary
  • The Lady Forgot Her Purse
    Chris Reimer, (Calgary) • Hello People
  • Intro
    Booji, (China) • Reserved
  • Surrender
    Re-TROS (China) • Watch Out!Climate Has Changed, Fat Mum Rises...
  • Holy Comments
    Snapline (China) • Party Is Over, Pornostar
  • After
    8 Eye Spy (China) • How Damn Far to Yinma Lane?
  • Don't You Move
    Pet Conspiracy (China) • Depot
  • Motion ll
    (Paris) Rone Feat. Les Siècles Orchestra & Vanessa Wagner conducted by François-Xavier Roth • Motion ep