Double Entendre Preserves! – Episode May 9, 2020

Jeanette plays a few Chixdiggit! tracks to celebrate the Calgary pop-power-punk legends and other Saturday tunes! (pre-recorded from home)


  • 323
    Chixdiggit! • Chixdiggit!
  • Let's Be Bad
    Cherry Pickles • Cherry Pickles Will Harden Your Nipples
  • You Little Shits
    Stereolab • Peng!
  • Falling Out of Love with Me
    Teen Suicide • It's The Big Joyous Celebration, Let's Stir the Honeypot
  • Groceries
    WUT • NOW
  • My Restaurant
    Chixdiggit! • Born on the First of July
  • Being On Your Own
    Fruit Bats • The Ruminant Band
  • They Haven't Got A Word For That Yet
    Daniel Romano • Content to Point The Way
  • Check the Engine Light
    The Pack a.d. • It was fun while it lasted
  • The Life of Dreams
    Julie Doiron • I Can Wonder What You Did with Your Day
  • Blue Line Swinger
    Yo La Tango • Electr-O-Pura
  • Speeding Motorcycle
    Daniel Johnston with Yo La Tengo • Genius + Love
  • Islands
    Arab Strap • The Summer Has Ended: Tascam Demos 1995
  • I'm Getting Tired (feat Earl St. Clair & Beth Ditto)
    Jacknife Lee • .
  • Entre
    Beat Sexü • Deuxième fois
  • Quit Your Job (DEP extended version)
    Chixdiggit! • .
  • Unknown Legend
    Neil Young • Harvest Moon
  • Would That Not Be Nice
    Divine Fits • A Thing Called Divine Fits
  • No Place on Earth
    The Dears • Lovers Rock
  • Ballads & Sad Movies
    TOPS • I Feel Alive
  • Color My Life
    Chicano Batman • Invisible People
  • King of The Hill
    Thundercat • It Is What It Is
  • Sedation Song
    White Poppy • Paradise Gardens
  • A Universal Truth
    Robotaki • The Grand Mirage
  • Tessellate!
    Zachary Lucky • Plan B
  • Ladyboy
    Game Genie Sokolov • Trans // Mission
  • In The Palm of Her Hands
    Fever Feel • Less Precious Pt. I-V
  • What's Not Mine
    Cate Le Bon • Crab Day
  • Please Don't Cut My Garden
    Marlaena Moore • Pay Attention, Be Amazed!
  • Miso Ramen
    Chixdiggit! • Safeways Here We Come