The Estate Sale – Episode October 11, 2015


  • Theme Song
    Roger Miller • Disney
  • Talking Baseball
    Terry Cashman • 10th
  • Past Time
    The Baseball Project • The Baseball Project
  • OK Blue Jays
    Bat Boys • OK Blue Jays
  • Banks of the Bow River
    Tin and the Toad • Roots to Ramble On
  • Downtown
    Melissa Payne • Downtown
  • K.C. Moan
    Big Dave McLean and Tim Williams • Fellow Travellers
  • CD's I Didn't Sell
    Mayhemingways • Mayhemingways
  • GST Cheque
    B.A. Johnston • Mission Accomplished
  • Fever in my Blood
    Black Diamond Heavies • Every Damn Time
  • Guided By Sound
    Napalmpom • Unconditional
  • Pork and Beans
    Left Lane Cruiser • Bring Your Ass to the Table
  • Boogie in the Dark
    Jimmy Reed • Live at Carnegie Hall
  • Why Don't You Give it to Me?
    Nathaniel Mayer • Why Don't You Give it to Me?
  • Why Don't you give to me?
    Nathaniel Mayer • Why Don't you give to me?
  • When the Night Comes
    Dan Auerbach • #