The Fourth Line Grind – Episode June 18, 2020

60 minutes

Day 2 of the Ringer! This week we cruise through the quarter and semi-finals. Sharpen those skates, and lets get ready to party.


  • Midnight Move (Why January)
    Lucid 44 • Sunday at Rosie's
  • Windows Are Water Brew
    Campaign Launch Party • Garbage Beach
  • Panic
    Brain Bent • Obligatory Icebreaker
  • I've Been Waiting For This Moment
    Slut Prophet • Pity Party
  • Spiteburger
    The Shiverettes • Real Shrill Bitches
  • Aqua
  • Hard Time Keeping My Cool
    Still There • Flower Continuity
  • Four Walls
    Good Grief. • Single
  • Where's Your Action
    Scratch Buffalo • Strawberry Soda
  • Alexa, Please Play The Protest Song
    Campaign Launch Party • Garbage Beach