The Future Language – Episode March 29, 2017


  • Down on the Farm
    Cosmic Psychos • Down on the Farm
  • How Many Years Too Soon?
    Chrome • The Visitation
  • Drugs
    Black Lips • 200 Million Thousand
  • Can't Cheat Karma
    Zounds • The Curse of Zounds
  • You Were So Young
    The Cigarettes • Will Damage Your Health
  • On the Avenue
    Nervous Eaters • Eaterville, Vol.1
  • Bad Guy Reaction
    The Rezillos • Can't Stand the Rezillos
  • Cruel Summer
    Black Marble • A Different Arrangement
  • Dreams Die First
    The Liggers • Unknown
  • 12:34
    Soft Cure • Sad
  • Blue Gene
    Sun Araw • The Saddle of the Increate
  • Azabache Necklace Brought to Protect My Daughter
    Horoscope • Misogyny Stone
  • Ghost
    Positive Noise • Heart of Darkness
  • Hypnosis
    Heart Of Darkness • Positive Noise
  • I am the Clown of Disco Town
    Fancy Rosy • I am the Clown of Disco Town
  • Boys
    Boys • Christian Girls Like to Get Cut
  • Mechanical
    The Quarks • Unknown
  • Butcher's Spume, Libidinous Lapping
    Solange • Why the Curious Droppings of the Lust Mord About the Mouth of Pubescence
  • Hex on the Beach
    Greydini • Presents: Bananas for Gatti
  • Theme for Five Fingers of Death
    Bunny Sigler • Conquer the World
  • Darling Come Back Home
    Love Committee • Conquer the World
  • I Get Lifted
    George McCrae • Rock Your Baby
  • UFO's
    The Undisputed Truth • Cosmic Truth
  • She Jam (Almost Bootsy Show)
    Bootsy Collins & Bootsy's Rubber Band • This Boot is Made for Fonk'N
  • No Time to Burn
    Black Heat • No Time to Burn
  • Never Stop Loving Me
    Curtis Mayfield • Something to Believe
  • March to the Witch's Castle
    Funkadelic • Cosmic Slop