The Future Language – Episode August 6, 2021

Program: The Future Language

Length: 120 minutes

Alternate universe episode of The Future Language hosted by Gio. Listen to 2 hours of pure garage rock goodness and discussions of the true king of the jungle.


  • See Through Head
    The Hives • Tyrannosaurus Hives
  • In The Jungle
    The Vines • Highly Evolved
  • Take Off Your Clothes
    Morningwood • Morningwood
  • Louis XIV
    Louis XIV • Best Little Secrets are Kept
  • Surf Hell
    Little Barrie • King of the Waves
  • Pawn Shoppe Heart
    The Von Bondies • Pawn Shoppe Heart
  • If You Love a Woman
    Dirty Pretty Things • Waterloo to Anywhere
  • Talk to Me, Dance with Me
    Hot Hot Heat • Make Up the Breakdown
  • You Bring Me Down
    Blood Red Shoes • I'll Be Your Eyes
  • Desires
    Art D'Ecco • In Standard Defenition
  • Paper Bag
    The Pack a.d • Tinytype
  • Take it as it Comes
    The Doors • The Doors
  • Fishfingers
    The Eighties Matchbox B Line Disaster • Horse of the Dog
  • The Witch
    The Sonics • Here are the Sonics
  • I Want Fire
    Miesha & The Spanks • Singles EP
  • Long Tall Shorty
    The Kinks • The Kinks
  • Am a Poseur
    X-Ray Spex • Germfree Adolescents
  • Belfast
    Estrons • Belfast
  • Terminal Preppie
    The Dead Kennedys • Plastic Surgery Disasters
  • American River
    Destroy Boys • Make Room
  • Tommaso
    nêhiyawak • Nipyi
  • Wake and Bake
    Fleece • Scavenger
  • Closer to the Light
    Colouring Outside • Dead and Dying Town
  • Trois Nuits de Chien
    Les Breastfeeders • Trois Nuit de Chien
  • Underwater Love
    Smoke City • The Rebirth of Cool, Volume 6
  • Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy
    Status / Non-Status • 1,2,3,4,500 Years EP
  • A Different Age
    Iceage • Seek Shelter
  • Alms
    The Futureheads • The Futureheads
  • Tortured by Tequila
    K.V. Raucous & The Cave Dwellers • Beach Party At Drac's
  • I Don't Do Drugs, I Just Sweat a Lot
    Bicurious • I don't Do Drugs, I Just Sweat a Lot
  • Jesus Stole My Girlfriend
    Violent Soho • We Don't Belong Here