The Future Language – Episode December 24, 2021

Program: The Future Language

Length: 120 minutes

Pretty full on booty shaking rock n roll as start with power pop and get faster & louder from there. Features a special Christmas set that ends in hard rock splendor!

Peter Iron Maitland guest hosting


  • Act Like a Woman
    Martha & The Muffins • Marthology: In & Outtakes
  • Hummin' Around
    The Adam Brown • What We'll Never Know (Deluxe Edition)
  • Everyday is a Monday
    Diamondtown • Diamondtown
  • Talkin' to your friends
    The Mandates • Dead in the Face
  • Dying is an Art
    Self-Cut Bangs • S/T
  • James
    The Pandoras • It's About Time
  • Some Fine Action
    Slow Down Molasses • Minor Deaths
  • Shadowmaster
    Hot Garbage • Ride
  • Last Train to Satansville
    Swervedriver • Mezcal Head
  • Kaleidoscope
    Ride • Nowhere
  • Son of Titanic
    Slow Down Molasses • Minor Deaths
  • Tulips
    Dead Soft • Big Blue
  • The Wheel
  • Ball of Snakes
    Man-Eaters • Twelve More Observations on Healthy Living
  • Hello, Boss!!!
    Fatal Flying Guilloteens • Quantum F*c*ing
  • The Way It Is
    No More Moments • Mill Grove High
  • It's Christmas Time Ebenezer
    The Len Price 3 • Christmas a Go-Go (Little Steven compilation)
  • Come All Ye Faithful Surfer Girls
    The Chevelles • Christmas a Go-Go
  • Merry Xmas Everybody
    Cheap trick • Christmas Christmas
  • I Am Santa
    The Darkness • Last of Our Kind (bonus track)
  • Ghost of Marley
    Majestica • A Christmas Carol
  • Heavy Metal Christmas
    Twisted Sister • A Twisted Christmas
  • Rapid Fire
    Judas Priest • British Steel
  • Pushing The Tides
    Mastodon • Hushed and Grim
  • For All Kings
    Anthrax • For All Kings
  • Holding out for a hero
    Powertron • Nocturnal Rider
  • Headache
    METZ • S/T
  • Super Stupid
    Funkadelic • Maggot Brain
  • Crosseyed And Painless
    Angélique Kidjo • Remain in Light