The High Priestess – Episode July 31, 2023

Program: The High Priestess

Length: 60 minutes

Enjoy this indie, post-punk-ish mix <3


  • Music for Lonely Women
    Still Depths • Pioneers Eat Dirt
  • In a Moment Divine
    Freak Heat Waves, Cindy Lee • In a Moment Divine
  • Gary Ashby - Nourished By Time Remix
    Dry Cleaning, Nourished by Time • Swampy EP
  • It's You I'm Thinking Of
    Sally Dige • It's You I'm Thinking Of
  • The Pavement is my Pillow Talk
    Headache • The Head Hurts but the Heart Knows The Truth
  • Blue Cement Factory
    ScubaZ • Blue Cement Factory
  • Come Softly - For Daniel D.
    Grouper • A I A: Alien Observer
  • Justify Your Life
    George Clanton • Justify Your Life
  • Always Moving
    Child Actress • Always Moving
  • Cowboy
    Window Lamp • Episode
  • Any Time Of Day
    The Lemon Twigs • Everything Harmony
  • Big Bang
    Cherry Glazerr • Big Bang
  • Full Time Job
    Squirrel Flower • Full Time Job/When A Plant Is Dying
  • Night Cruise
    Lonely Parade • The Pits
  • American Daughter
    Beach House • Become WP