The High Priestess – Episode April 1, 2024

Program: The High Priestess

Length: 60 minutes

Shoegaze, post-rock, and more. Happy April!!!!


  • Left Against
    Still Ruins • S/T
  • Le Kick - Malepart Remix
    La Sécurité • Stay Safe! REMIXED
  • Pointwood unmuted
    Jespfur • Pedestrians of Bright Silence
  • candlestick
    High Sunn • welcome to life
  • A Little Worse
    Heavenly Sweetheart, Pretty Matty • A Little Worse B​/​W Another Sunny Day
  • despondent
    La Lune • despondent
  • there are beliefs that drive us apart
    Feel estate • if this is the universe experiencing itself, i feel sorry for the universe
  • Summer- Priority Version
    Mogwai • Mogwai Young Team
  • Holy Hells
    Ora Cogan • Formless
  • Saltwater
    Beach House • Beach House
  • Jet Plane
    Papercuts • You Can Have What You Want
  • 단비 (Sweetrain)
    Yo • 희​망​열​차​를 타고 우​주​로 가요 (Hopetrain to Universe)
  • Slow Drift
    Hollowphonic • Majestic