The High Priestess – Episode April 22, 2024

Program: The High Priestess

Length: 60 minutes

The AM/PM show strikes again. From poppy to twangy to rockin with a sweet blast from 1972 to end things off without Slippin! AM provides helpful info on the Aries and Taurus sign / calls out non-fake dad for inconsistent swear warnings.

Peter Iron Maitland + Audrey E Maitland


  • iceberg
    Halo Maud • Celebrate
  • Selfish Soul
    Sudan Archives • Natural Brown Prom Queen
  • Dizzy
    oh caroline • Monochrome
  • Another Place
    yukon • falling to escape EP
  • Ocean of Smiles
    Touching • I Can Be Two People At Once
  • Tension What Tension
    Pharmax • Boxitarian Beta EP
  • Driving Around
    Mariel Buckley • Everywhere I Used to Be
  • All My Friends
    Katie Pruitt • Mantras
  • We're On Fire
    Taegen Domstad • Residual
  • Fashion Girl
    Fake Dad • Yerba Mala
  • Slow Motion
    Vacations • No Place Like Home
  • Monaco
    Ride • Interplay
  • Blush
    The Raveonettes • Lust Lust Lust
  • Easy to Slip
    Little Feat • Sailin' Shoes
  • Something J
    Mercedes Bentley • 45'