The Inmost Light – Episode October 11, 2016

tonight we just chillin in my cedar rapids sweater snugglin up n listenin to some cold honky post punk and exuma heat what up


  • The Second Gate
    Forager • Sorrow and Joy Throng the Gate, Weal and Woe in the Same Land
  • The Appearance of a Child
    Huntsville • For the Middle Class
  • Spy In The Cab
    Bauhaus • In The Flat Field
  • Mutant
    Empty Heads • Ugly
  • Forever
    Iceage • Plowing Into the Field of Love
  • The Helicopter Spies
    Swell Maps • Jane From Occupied Europe
  • Light Field (In Consonance)
    Glenn Branca • The Ascension
  • Joy
    Various, Jimmy Memorana • Canada: Music of the Inuit - The Copper Eskimo Tradition
  • A Place Called Earth
    Exuma • Exuma II