The Lost World – Episode December 24, 2019


  • War on Christmas
    Ramshackle Glory • One Last Big Job
  • Christmastime on the Picket Line
    The Hulls • Total Wrecks and Unemployment Checks
  • Elf's Lament
    Barenaked Ladies • Barenaked For The Holidays
  • Stop The Cavalry
    Jona Lewie • Heart Skips Beat
  • A Spaceman Came Travelling
    Chris de Burgh • Spanish Train and Other Stories
  • I Saw Three Ships
    Sufjan Stevens • Songs For Christmas
  • Christmas At Sea
    The Longest Johns • Christmas At Sea
  • Christmas Steps
    Mogwai • Come On Die Young
  • Oh, Uncle, Uncle, In Our Yard
    Ensemble • Paradise Has Blossomed
  • BA Sings a Christmas Song
    BA Johnston • My Heart is a Blinking Nintendo
  • A Christmas Fucking Miracle
    Run the Jewels • Run the Jewels