The Nocturntable – Episode December 17, 2016

Winter Solstice Special Edition


  • Scorpio-Libra
    Eddie Henderson • King Britt presents The Cosmic Lounge
  • Metropia
    Brian Reitzel and Roger Joseph Manning Jr. • Stone Fox
  • Welcome to My Nightmare
    Flytrap • Revenge and the Urge to Fly
  • The Iron Pegasus
    Five Alarm Funk • Rock the Sky
  • Fantastic Voyage
    Takako Minekawa • Full Length Fun 9
  • The Quiet Surf
    Stephen Nikleva • Square Moon
  • Shallow Reef Grave
    The Fabulous Stingrays • New Cuban Gaffiti
  • Senor Santa El Es El Monstruo
    Atomic Seven • Atomic Seven
  • A Marshmallow World
    Los Straightjackets • Tis the Season For
  • Don't Fear the Reindeer
    The Ramblin' Ambassadors • The Ramblin' Ambassadors
  • Do You Realize?
    The Flaming Lips • Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
  • Dumb All Over
    Frank Zappa • Zappa Picks by Larry LaLonde of Primus
  • Vanilla Cobweb
    Forbidden Dimension • Every Twisted Tree Watches As You Pass
  • Fall Behind Me
    The Donnas • Gold Medal
  • Seeing Red
    Double Fuzz • CoCo
  • Sweet Leaf
    Greeness, featuring Philly G • Everything Comes and Goes
  • Bloody Mastiff
    Black Mastiff • Music Machine
  • Flying Saucer Attack
    Black Mountain • IV
  • Come On
    Electric Revival • Magnetic North
  • Loaded
    Plastic Bag • Chemical
  • My Game
    Hanson Brothers • My Game
  • (Party Like A) Ninja Turtle
    Spastic Panthers • Spastic Panthers
  • Bleached Out Soda Pop
    Port Juvee • Crimewave
  • Give Me a Chance
    The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion • Acme
  • Gambler
    MANcub • Hangman
  • Dead Christmas
    Monster Magnet • Dopes to Infinity
  • Whiskey in the Winter
    All Hands On Jane • Sorry I Set You on FIre
  • How To Wake Man and Her Son While Your Criss Cross Your Bill
    Black Thunder • III
  • Internet Punk Rockers
    Peanuts • The Return of the Peanuts: The Revenge
  • Ice Breaker
    Skinny Puppy • Bites and Remission
  • Fuller
    Chron Goblin • Backwater
  • Keep On Galloping
    Korpiklaani • Korven Kuningas