The Royal We – Episode August 16, 2016


  • The Queen Of Both Darkness And Light
    Moonface and Siinai • My Best Human Face
  • Lost In You
    Windigo • Windigo
  • Wingman
    Forest Tate Fraser w/ Evan van Reekum • The Fall EP
  • Out On Love
    Lydia Loveless • Real
  • I Will Never Leave You
    Rae Spoon • Jump With Your Eyes Closed
  • Kind Man's Kiss
    Sasha Siem • Most Of The Boys
  • Hologram
    Lydia Ainsworth • Right From Real
  • Hometown
    Haley Bonar • Impossible Dream
  • Forever Overhead
    Brett Naucke • Executable Dreamtime
  • Outsiders
    Alexandre Bazin • Full Moon
  • Fast Moving Cars
    Carla dal Forno • You Know What It's Like
  • Cello Song
    The Books, featuring Jose Gonzalez • Dark Was The Night
  • Dig A Hole
    Freak Heat Waves • Bonnie's State of Mind
  • What Would Wolves Do?
    Les Savy Fav • Let's Stay Friends
  • Are You Kissing Anyone?
    Saturday Looks Good On Me • One Kiss Ends It All