The Spin Evolution – Episode April 17, 2019

The Shiverettes Live on CJSW and The Spin Evolution! Their new album Real Shrill Bitches drops April 18 at the King Eddy in Calgary


  • Bodies For Money
    Gnod • Just Say No to the Psycho Right Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine
  • A.D.D.
    Grim Streaker • Single
  • Hot Machine Two
    Rubber Band Gum • Hot Machine EP
  • Scorpio
    The Shiverettes • The Shiverettes Live on CJSW
  • Hard Bitch
    The Shiverettes • The Shiverettes Live at CJSW
  • Boys Club
    The Shiverettes • The Shiverettes Live at CJSW
  • Cis Jack
    Vassals • Demarcation Lines
  • Incel
    The Shiverettes • Real Shrill Bitches
  • The Joke of Life
    Tacocat • This Mess is a Place
  • Give Me Back My Man
    Ohmme • Single
  • Grow Into a Ghost
    Swearin' • Fall Into the Sun
  • Dim the Light
    Shy Boys • Dim the Light/Brick By Brick
  • Little Drama
    Mike Krol • Power Chords
  • Undertow
    Mikal Cronin • Undertow/Breathe
  • Touch
    Sweet Spirit • Single
  • Cattails
    Big Thief • U.F.O.F.
  • Everybody Wants to Love You
    Japanese Breakfast • Psychopomp
  • Nothing I Can Say
    Tony Molina • Kill the Lights
  • Japanese Vacation
    Spider Bags • Frozen Letter
  • Creature in the Sun
    Partner • In Search of Lost Time
  • Same New Thing
    The Hunches • The Rocker
  • He's the Candy
    Tyson Meade • Robbing the Nuclear Family
  • Time Unriveled
    Deep State • The Path to Fast Oblivion
  • Fake It
    Holiday Gunfire • Holiday Gunfire
  • Interfere
    Elna Rae • Plush EP
  • The Art of Sleeping In
    Nanami Ozone • NO
  • Cult
    Diva Sweetly • In the Living Room
  • We Are What You Are
    White Hills • Walks for Motorists
  • Nobody Speak
    DJ Shadow, featuring Run the Jewels • The Mountain Will Fall