The Throwback: Flip Your Wig – Episode January 1, 2017

Mikaela Maitland helps pick a few rockers along with a Iron Maitland curating a bunch of local bands through the years + "Hangover" songs.


  • In the Morning
    Thrush Hermit • All Technology Aside (Thrush Hermit box set)
  • Delusion Moon
    Meat Wave • Delusion Moon
  • Can't Win
    PUP • The Dream is Over
  • Snake Jaw
    White Lung • Deep Fantasy
  • Black & White
    Parquet Courts • Sunbathing Animal
  • Mary-Lou Sniffin' Glue
    Pale Lips • Wanna Be Bad
  • Stranger
    Miesha and the Spanks • Stranger EP
  • The Suction
    Cripple Creek Fairies • The Suction
  • The Sludgelands
    Witchstone • Summon the End (split w The Death Wheelers)
  • The Web
    Forbidden Dimension • Scraps from the Charnel House
  • Into the Lungs of Hell
    Megadeth • So Far, So Good ... So What!
  • Look what the cat dragged in
    Poison • Look what the cat dragged in
  • Pretty Girl
    Horse of Course • Stupid Tonight
  • The Friends Song
    Recipe from a small planet • the hovercraft EP
  • Build me up
    Supernal • Living and Breathing
  • You'll Need a Telescope
    Shecky Forme • 002
  • Do the Hustled
    Hot Little Rocket • How to lose everything
  • This Chemical
    Forest Tate • Forest Tate EP
  • Jeanie Loves Pop
    Warm Soda • Someone for You
  • What a young man ought to know
    The Envelopes Filled with Cash • S/T
  • Chorus of Wolves
    Woodpigeon • Songbook
  • The Winter
    Whiskeypost • Tape & Twine
  • Treatment Bound
    The Replacements • Hootenanny