Them Fatale – Episode July 27, 2021

Program: Them Fatale

Length: 120 minutes

Hi, hello! Welcome to TUESDAY! Today we have the pleasure of chatting with local legend, Wyatt C. Louis! Tune in for good chat, solid tunes, and all the queer nonsense you can handle!


  • Unconditional Love
    Against Me! • Transgender Dysphoria Blue
  • Absent Mind
    The Archaeas • Archaeas
  • Sick of Spiraling
    Bachelor • Doomin' Sun
  • Ratscallion
    Bad Hoo • Right As Rain
  • Hard to Kill
    Bleached • Don't You Think You've Had Enough?
  • You
    Bully • SUGAREGG
  • 3 Birthdays
    Burry • Yellow Paint EP
  • Cornered
    Century Egg • Little Pieces Of Hair
  • Entre
    Beat Sexü • Deuxieme Fois
    CHAI, featuring YMCK • WINK
  • You're Over There (All Energy Must Continue Upward Remix)
    Chandra • Chandra Mixtape Vol. 1
  • Cuff Your Jeans
    Claud • Super Monster
  • Glowing in the Dark
    Django Django • Glowing In The Dark
  • It All Washes Away
    Death Valley Girls • Under the Spell of Joy
  • The Thing
    Chastity Belt • Time To Go Home
  • Siri, Open Tinder
    Childbirth • Women's Rights
  • Make It Right
    The Coathangers • Nosebleed Weekend
  • Nice Nice
    Dazey and the Scouts • Maggot
  • Don't Put It On Me
    Fake Fruit • Fake Fruit
  • Free Ppls
    illuminati hotties • FREE I.H.: This is Not the one you've been waiting for
  • No Culture Icons
    The Thermals • More Parts Per Million
  • Stalking Legs
    The Shivas • You Know What To Do
  • Vaccines Made Me Gay
    GRLwood • Daddy
  • Don't Kiss Me In Public
    Special Interest • The Passion Of
  • Queer Mods
    The Maxines • The White Out! EP
  • Pedestals
    Slut Prophet • The Sled Island Lemonade Stand Vol. 1
  • Apath
    N0V3L • Non-Fiction