This Land is Your Land – Episode November 7, 2017

This episode is devoted to the great American socialist Eugene Debs, whose vision for the future still burns bright in all of our hearts.


  • Jacob's Ladder (Not In My Name)
    Chumbawamba • Readymades
  • Get Ready
    The Harpoonist & the Axe Murderer • Apocalipstick
  • If You Haven't Any Hay
    The New Millenium Jelly Rollers • The New Millennium Jelly Rollers
  • Put The Needle On
    Little Miss Higgins • My Home, My Heart
  • I Can See
    Eric Sherman • Song For Work & Play Volume 2
  • Easy Way Out
    Chicken-Like Birds • Moving On
  • Yonder Comes A Sucker
    Dori Freeman • Letters Never Read
  • There Is More Love Somewhere
    Jayme Stone • Folklife
  • All You Can Beat
    Bon Debarras • En panne de silence
  • Big Payout
    Black Spruce Bog • The Hatchery Session
  • Six Gun
    Lonesome Ace Stringband • Old Time
  • So Long and Thanks (For Everything)
    Jack Pine and the Fire • Left To Our Own Devices
  • Le vin est bon
    Mélisande [électrotrad] • Les métamorphoses
  • Sedition
    Shannon Murray • Hallelujah! I'm A Bum
  • If I Had a Hammer
    Peter, Paul & Mary • The Hammer Song
  • Drill Ye Terriers
    Katie Green & Karen Hefford • Settler's Songs of the Pacific Northwest
  • Hanging On The Old Barbed Wire
    Chumbawamba • English Rebel Songs 1381-1914
  • Boom Went The Boom
    Joe Glazer • I Will Win: Songs of the Wobblies
  • Steve's Hammer (For Pete)
    Steve Earle • Washington Square Serenade
  • All You Fascists Bound To Lose
    Woody Guthrie • Woody at 100
  • Freight Train Blues
    Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee • Blues Masters
  • He's Coming To Us Dead
    The New Lost City Ramblers • Classic Railroad Songs from the Smithsonian Folkways
  • We Have Fed You All For A Thousand Years
    Utah Phillips • We Have Fed You All For A Thousand Years
  • Love Me, I'm a Liberal
    Phil Ochs • There But For Fortune
  • On the Line
    Billy Strings • Turmoil & Tinfoil
  • Solidarity Forever (The Union Makes Us Strong)
    Leonard Cohen • Leonard Cohen Soundcheck