This Land is Your Land – Episode November 21, 2017

Joe Hill comes to life through his music, letters, poems and songs on this episode of This Land Is Your Land.


  • Deadman's Flats
    Wine Soaked Preachers • Tales of Western Noir / Same Old Town
  • Doin' Things Right
    Billy Strings • Turmoil & Tinfoil
  • Carry On
    Son Of Ray • Between Dust and a Dream
  • I Ain't Dead Yet
    Charlie Parr • Dog
  • Feel it in the Dark
    Bird City • Winnowing
  • If I Could Make You My Own
    Dori Freeman • Letters Never Read
  • In The City
    Chicken-Like Birds • Moving On
  • Let No Man Steal Your Thyme
    Dana Wylie • The Earth That You're Made Of
  • Make Up Or Break Up
    Jack Pine and the Fire • Left To Our Own Devices
  • Where The River Bends
    Amy Nelson • Home Recordings
  • I've Always Been a Gambler
    Murder Murder • Wicked Lines & Veins
  • Been All Around This World
    Rain City Ramblers • Hateful Ways
  • Histoires de fantomes
    Canailles • Backflips
  • Someone has been shot
    saulnier banjo band • Get a Rest
  • Deep When the River's High
    The Dead South • Good Company
  • Joe Hill
    Billy Bragg • The Internationale
  • Rebel Girl
    Shannon Murray • Hallelujah! I'm a Bum
  • The Preacher and the Slave
    Mischief Brew • Convertible
  • Casey Jones, the Union Scab
    Johnsburg 3 • Caskets in the Cornfield
  • Where the Fraser River Flows
    Utah Phillips • We Have Fed You All a Thousand Years
  • We Will Sing One Song
    Six Feet In The Pine • Dead Set
  • There Is Power In A Union
    Joe Glazer • Songs of the Wobblies
  • Should I Ever Be A Soldier
    Progressive Labour Party • A World To Win
  • Alpha Adept
    John K. Samson • Winter Wheat