This Land is Your Land – Episode March 6, 2018

I'd still rather be a picket than a scab — the 1984-85 miners' strike in audio form. Victory to the miners!


  • Dark As A Dungeon
    Cousin Harley • Blue Smoke: The Music of Merle Travis
  • Ballad of '84
    Dick Gaughan • True and Bold
  • Thatcherites
    Billy Bragg • William Bloke
  • Fitzwilliam
    Chumbawamba • Dig This (A Tribute To The Great Strike)
  • The Red Flag
    Tyneside People's Choir • Which Side Are You On
  • This Fragile Life
    The Neurotics • Repercussions & Is Your Washroom Breeding Bolsheviks?
  • Margaret On the Guillotine
    Morissey • Viva Hate
  • Iron Hand
    Dire Straits • On Every Street
  • Strike
    Keith Le Blanc • The Enemy Within
  • Miners Medley
    The Country Pickets • Which Side Are You On
  • Comrades in Arms
    South Wales Striking Miners Choir, Test Department • Shoulder to Shoulder
  • Never Cross A Picket Line
    Billy Bragg • The Internationale
  • Beyond the Picket Line
    Julie Matthews • The Radio Ballads: The Ballad of the Miners' Strike
  • Sixteen Tons
    Cousin Harley • Blue Smoke: The Music of Merle Travis
  • Here We Go (For the Women of the Working Class)
    Mal Finch • Heroes
  • They'll Never Beat The Miners
    The Wilden Brothers, Durham Support Group • Heroes
  • Monica Engineer
    The Flying Pickets • Lost Boys
  • The Judas Bus
    Jez Lowe, The Bad Pennies • Wotcheor!
  • Holy Joe From Scabsville
    The Country Pickets, Ewan MacColl • Which Side Are You On
  • The Police Have Been Wonderful
    Chumbawamba • Common Ground