Tombstone After Dark – Episode November 22, 2016


  • Lonely Tombs
    J.E. Mainer's Mountaniers • Going Back To Old Kentucky
  • Across The Rocky Mountains
    Lonesome Ace Stringband • Gone For Evermore
  • Big Big Love
    Mariel Buckley • Motorhome
  • Wrong Company
    Wynn Stewart • The Very Best Of... !958-1982
  • Cowtown Boogie
    Ocie Stockard • Western Swing Chronicles
  • Omaha ICU
    Arty Hill • Live: Church On Saturday NIght
  • Dark Hollow
    The Starline Rhythm Boys • Live At Charlie-o's World Famous
  • In A Song
    Chuck Mead • Journeyman's Wager
  • Tennessee Walker
    Matt Pattsershuck • I Was So Fond Of You
  • No One Dear But You
    Caleb Klauder, Reeb Willms • Innocent Road
  • Better Half
    Tiff Ginn • Tiff Ginn
  • Same Old Town
    Wine Soaked Preachers • Same Old Town
  • I'm Not Comin' Back
    Gerald Collier • I Had To Laugh Like Hell
  • Everywhere A Man Can Be
    Zachary Lucky • Everywhere a Man Can Be
  • Of Dust And Wind
    Amor & Convertino • The Western Suite & The Siesta Songs