Tombstone After Dark – Episode February 27, 2018


  • Tombstone Theme
    Ramblin' Ambassadors & Matt Masters • Tombstone After Dark
  • Arkie's Got Her Shoes On
    Fuzzy Owen • The Other Side Of Bakersfield
  • Down The Yodeling Trail At Twilight
    Wilf Carter • God Bless Our Canada
  • High Boots
    Walter Hayes • Stars Of The Steel Guitar
  • Divorce Me C.O.D.
    Cousin Harley • Blue Smoke: The Music of Merle Travis
  • Spoonin' Moon
    Merle Travis • Hot Pickin'
  • Kentucky Waltz
    Merle Travis & Joe Maphis • Two Guitar Greats
  • I Can't Believe
    Skinny Dyck & Friends, Carter Felker • Twenty One-Nighters
  • Do Right
    Half Moon Shine • Do Right
  • Don't Worry
    Marty Robbins • Essential
  • Wild Woman
    Margo Price • All American Made
  • Dollar Bill Blues
    Townes Van Zandt • Hell or High Water Soundtrack
  • The Buzzards Won't Cry
    William Elliott Whitmore • Ashes to Dust
  • High School Confidential
    The Blasters • Over There
  • Coyote On The Town
    Excene Cervenka • Old Wive's Tale
  • The Losing Kind
    John Doe • Forever Hasn't Happened Yet
  • I Wouldn't Put It Past Me
    Dwight Yoakam • Swimming Pools, Movie Stars
  • The Town & Miss Lorraine
    Calexico • The Thread That Keeps Us