Tombstone After Dark – Episode July 30, 2019

Tribute to Sam Phillips


  • My Kind of Carryin' On
    Doug Poindexter & The Starlite Wranglers • The Sun Records Collection - I
  • Blue Moon of Kentucky
    Elvis Presley • The Complete 50's Masters I
  • That's All Right
    Elvis Presley • The Sun Records Collection II
  • Crazy Arms
    Jerry Lee Lewis • The Sun Records Collection
  • I Walk the Line
    Johnny Cash & The Tennessee Two • The Sun Records Collection
  • Just in Time
    Harold Jenkins • Essential Sun Rockabillies Vol II
  • No More Crying the Blues
    Alton & Jimmy • Sun Rock n' Roll
  • Ten Cats Down
    The Miller Sisters • Essential Sun Rockabillies
  • Have a Little Party (C'mon Baby)
    Mickey Gilley • Sun Rock n' Roll Vol 1
  • My Baby's Crazy About Me
    Joe Castle with The Rogers Brothers Band • Early Canadian Rockers Vol III
  • Buddy This Is It
    The Bopcats • The Bopcats
  • Put the Blame on Me
    Handsome Ned & The Sidewinders • The Name is Ned
  • Everybody's Talking (But Nobody's Talking to Me)
    The Confusionaires • It's Time to Make a Little Mess with...
  • What a Crying Shame
    The Mavericks • What a Crying Shame
  • My Dear Old Friend
    Gentlemen of the Woods • This Great Unknown
  • Loneliness
    Jade Jackson • Wilderness