Trompe L’Oeil – Episode December 31, 2018

Sarah takes over for Drew for a special New Year's Eve edition of the show. In the second half, we feature two poems from Frank O'Hara.


  • Crazy Classic Life
    Janelle Monae • Dirty Computer
  • Carnival Nights
    Steve Spacek • Natural Sci-Fi
  • Mother Maybe
    Kadhja Bonet • ChildQueen
  • Pluie
    Snail's House • L'été
  • Rising
    Liquid Sun • River EP
  • Weird Love
    Chad VanGaalen • Shrink Dust
  • Rogue Planet
    Melted Mirror • Melted Mirror
  • Tings
    Garneau • Waves
  • Acid
    DJ Nothing • Nothing EP
  • Legend of Shinobi
    Stilz • Legend of Shinobi
  • être emporté
    Arbee • Atténuation
  • Having A Coke With You
    Frank O'Hara • The Voice Of The Poet
  • La Tourette (Chapel)
    Valiska • La Tourette
  • Poem (Hate Is Only One Of Many Responses)
    Frank O'Hara • The Voice Of The Poet
  • Forever On My Mind
    F i b o n a c c i • Forever