Two Top Intervals – Episode February 18, 2024

Program: Two Top Intervals

Length: 60 minutes

Guest Showfill by Miguel Venexen of the Baz Bombers. Unexpected and sad opening song for one of the best of the best. RIP PF. We love you.


  • More To This
    Marc Scibilia • More To This (Single)
  • The Lone Wolf
    Wyzaker • Scarecrow EP
  • In The Middle
    Wyzaker • Scarecrow EP
  • The Scarecrow
    Wyzaker • Scarecrow EP
  • Fresh Tomatoes
    Caviare Days • Caviare Days
  • The Sound of Children (Single Version)
    The Aliis • A Whole Lot of Rainbows: Soft Pop Nuggets from the WEA Vaults
  • What A Groovy Day
    Harmony Grass • This Is Us
  • Eleanor Rigby
    Chim Khotari • Electric Psychedelic Sitar Headswirlers, Vol. 3
  • I Am Not Willing
    Moby Grape • Moby Grape '69
  • 5 A.m.
    The Ballroom • Magic Time: The Millennium Ballroom Sessions
  • Sabor A Mi
    Thee Heart Tones • Sabor A Mi - Single
  • Please Love Me Forever
    Bobby Vinton • Please Love Me Forever
  • You Know Why
    The Cave Dwellers • Run Around - EP
  • Village Green (Mono Mix;No Strings Version)
    The Kinks • The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society
  • Night Walk
    The White Blinds • Presheatecha!
  • Valley of the Shadows
    Stelar Door • The Ritual
  • Flight of the Manumitter
    Stelar Door • The Ritual
  • The Ritual
    Stelar Door • The Ritual