Union Jacked – Episode March 23, 2023

noahs emo set <3


  • As Long As I Am With You When It Ends
    To Be Gentle • Unyielding Joy / Elements Conducive To Unassailable Heartbreak
  • every window in alcatraz has a view of san francisco
    foxtails • this is not for you
  • Convoy
    Frail Hands • s/t
  • Dissolution
    Frail Hands • s/t
  • Ewyllswyn
    Burial Etiquette • split
  • Together
    Feast of Love • Demo
  • Understanding in Negative
    Algae Bloom • Split with Foxtails
  • September Gave Us Awkwardness, October Gave Me Nothing
    Suis La Lune • Heir
  • serce w gardle
    kartografia • mgła
  • at 6:45 am i saw your ghost by my bedroom window
    boxcutter • it's more like embracing
  • I Think I Tore My Heart Out
    MIDDLING • Tore My Heart Out
  • I lost a part of myself on mustafar
    Letters of Marque • I lost a part of myself on mustafar
  • Someday That Video Will Serve As Proof Of How Idiotic Things Were During This Period
    Echelons (formerly known as Unable To Fully Embrace This Happiness) • The Morning Sun & The End Of The World
  • Old New Girlfriend
    I Hate Sex • I Hate Sex/Low Level
  • I Must Transform My Pain or I Will Only Transmit It
    To be gentle • Unbroken
  • nauticalstartattoo
    sowithout. • nauticalstartattoo
  • Maudlin
    Vs Self • Split with Knumears
  • Desert
    Vs Self • Everything Seems Better Now
  • Jack SNES and Jeff Mango
    Flowers Taped To Pens • S/T
  • Two
    The Spirit of Versailles • Discography
  • Pain
    Sun Up Sun Down • Sun Up Sun Down / Still There Split