Vocal Cords – Episode December 12, 2022

Program: Vocal Cords

Length: 90 minutes


  • Emergence
    Ariel Ulysses • Emergence From Behind Shutters of Clouds
  • Kits Beach Soundwalk
    Hildegard Westerkamp • Transformations
  • Return to River
    Inkarose • A Love Letter to Water
  • Rainforest Images: V
    Priscilla McLean, Barton McLean • The McLean Mix: Rainforest Images
  • crank/set
    Yang Chen, featuring Stephanie Orlando • longing for_
  • I am sitting in a room (excerpt)
    Alvin Lucier • I am sitting in a room
  • Walking and Falling
    Laurie Anderson • Big Science
  • 20-41-21-03
    Various Artists • Darkroom
  • Cascade
    Carmen Braden • Seed Songs
  • A Garden of Bells
    R. Murray Schafer, featuring Vancouver Chamber Choir • A Garden of Bells: The Choral Music of R. Murray Schafer, Vol. 1
  • Section I: Invocation by Ione
    Deep Listening Band • Dunrobin Sonic Gems
  • I am sitting in a room (re-imagined)
    Residuum • I am sitting in a room