Vocal Cords – Episode December 26, 2022

Program: Vocal Cords

Length: 90 minutes


  • What a Time
    Various Artists, featuring Barton's Wizard • Nuclear Free Nanaimo Volume III
  • Mortuos Plango, Vivos Voco
    Jonathan Harvey • Harvey: Tombeau de Messiaen
  • Zero Red One One One One One
    Eryk Salvaggio • Worlding: Sympoietic Mycology
  • Study for Voice and Tape
    Various Artists, featuring Alice Shields • Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center 1961-1973
  • From Dreams of Brass
    Norma Beecroft • Beecroft, N.: Canadian Composer Portraits
  • Gesang der Jünglinge
    Karlheinz Stockhausen • Gesang der Jüngline
  • Globalalia
    Trevor Wishart • Globalalia / Imago
  • Chthonic River
    S. Wurm • Songs of Low Heaven