Vocal Cords – Episode April 1, 2024

Program: Vocal Cords

Length: 90 minutes


  • …only to walk barefoot on the stone floor of our traditions…
    Yoo Doo Right • The Sacred Fuck EP
  • Brain Fog Horn
    Jim Gentile • Notes From a Heavenly Soup
  • Tongues (Backxwash Remix)
    Tanya Tagaq • Tongues North Star Remixes
  • And I (Ami Dang Remix)
    Kee Avil • Crease Remixed
  • Eyes Are Dark &
    Aidan Baker • Tense Surfaces
  • Echolalia: I. The Voice of Disquiet; II. Medusa; III. Riddle; IV. The Secret Song of Molpe
    Ocean Viva Silver • Echolalia (2014 Version)
  • A message for the unwilling
    Various Artists, featuring Desolatum • TRANS RIGHTS = HUMAN RIGHTS