Vocal Cords – Episode July 1, 2024

Program: Vocal Cords

Length: 90 minutes

This episode features the rain - the sounds of water accompany the voice.


  • Street Scene
    Joel Chadabe • Emergence
  • Talking Rain
    Hildegard Westerkamp • Harangue I
  • Different Lives
    KNOWER • Different Lives
  • Sandplay
    Leslie Ting • What Brings You In
  • Microclimates III-VI: Glacial Loop; Wet Face; Water Fall; Remote Gale
    Natasha Barrett • Bouteilles de Klein
  • Tea Story
    Sarah Albu, featuring Gayle Young • Trickpony
  • Joinery
    India Gailey, featuring Joseph Glaser • Problematica
  • To All the Mothers
    Andrea Superstein • Oh Mother
  • Magazine Cover Collies
    Eye of Newt • Stay in Your Lane EP