What’s Your Niche? – Episode August 4, 2022

Program: What’s Your Niche?

Length: 120 minutes

EPISODE TWO! Part one of the YACHT ROCK (almost end of) SUMMER BASH-O-RAMA. Only the choicest deep cuts from someone who deeply cares about late '70s/80s soft rock/R&B


  • What A Fool Believes
    Aretha Franklin • Aretha
  • Heart to Heart
    Kenny Loggins • High Adventure
  • That's How You Start Over
    Diana Ross • Ross
  • Turn Your Love Around
    George Benson • The George Benson Collection
  • Boogie Down
    Al Jarreau • Jarreau
  • Tes Yeux
    Diane Tell • Chimeres
  • Marguerita
    Marc Jordan • A Hole In The Wall
  • Dream On
    Bill Labounty • Bill Labounty
  • Coming Down From Love
    Bobby Caldwell • Cat in the Hat
  • Bi-Coastal
    Peter Allen • Bi-Coastal
  • Nothin' You Can Do About It
    Airplay • Airplay
  • Nobody's Business
    Maxus • Maxus
  • What Cha Gonna Do For Me
    Chaka Khan • What Cha Gonna Do For Me
  • Same Old Fool
    Dolly Parton • Dolly Dolly Dolly
  • I Don't Want You Anymore
    Tavares • Supercharged
  • Give It Up
    The Jacksons • Triumph
  • Making Love
    Finis Henderson • Finis
  • Alibis
    Sergio Mendes • Confetti
  • Get Used To It
    Roger Voudouris • Radio Dream
  • Huggin'
    Dara Sedaka • I'm Your Girlfriend
  • Live It
    Richard Simmons • Reach
  • Alcohol
    McGruff The Crime Dog • McGruff's Smart Kids
  • Time Out Of Mind
    Steely Dan • Gaucho
  • (Want You) Back In My Life Again
    The Carpenters • Made In America
  • Hello People
    Brenda Russell • Two Eyes