What’s Your Niche? – Episode September 29, 2022

EPISODE TEN! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! I have TWO guest interviews: American Painter and Internet Radio Personality, Jake Longstreth, leader of the #1 hobby rock band on the planet Mountain Brews (pick up the double LP Mountain Brews set on October 21st!). Plus, an interview with director of the SXSW Grand Jury Prize-winning The Pez Outlaw, Bryan Storkel, conducted at CIFF's Podcast Studio (catch the last screening this Sunday at 2pm!).


  • Happy Birthday To Me
    Cracker • Cracker
  • Did Ye Get Healed?
    Van Morrison • Poetic Champions Compose
  • INTERVIEW with Jake Longstreth!
    Ben Goodman • What's Your Niche? with Ben Goodman
  • It's My Masterpiece
    Mountain Brews • Let It Grow
  • Big Bummer Hotel
    Mountain Brews • Raised in a Place
  • Romance in Durango (Live at the Montreal Forum, December 1975)
    Bob Dylan • Biograph
  • Brownsville Girl
    Bob Dylan • Knocked Out Loaded
  • Yours To Keep
    Guided by Voices • Bee Thousand
  • I Am A Scientist
    Guided by Voices • Bee Thousand
  • Shadows
    Dear Nora • human futures
  • Dirty Ass Rock 'n Roll
    John Cale • Slow Dazzle
  • Hot Piss
    Yellow River Boys • Urinal St. Station
  • Barnacle
    Limp Bizkit • Still Sucks
  • INTERVIEW with Bryan Storkel, director of THE PEZ OUTLAW!
    Ben Goodman • What's Your Niche? with Ben Goodman