The Community Signal | 2023 CJSW Funding Drive

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One Radio, Endless Adventure

From October 20 to 27, we look to you – our listeners – to show your support for campus & community radio and make a donation to your favourite CJSW program.

Be a part of an adventure like no other, where radio hinges on more than just the turn of a dial. Join the community at CJSW 90.9 FM, the greatest campus and community radio station in the land, on a quest for Funding Drive glory. Renowned for broadcasting endless possibilities and captivating storytelling that shapes the voice of Calgary, CJSW must be experienced to be believed.   Everyone has a role to play on this quest and we need you! Donors, listeners, volunteers, and partners are the essential players in this quest to continue creating great radio and establishing a prospering community for another year.

Ready to unleash your imagination? This unprecedented adventure will take you on a broadcast odyssey through a series of challenges and trials where your participation along the way will determine the outcome of this story. 

This is no game. Join us and make your mark in the lands of radio adventure for the 2023 CJSW Funding Drive.

Your journey into a world of radio magic awaits…