The Community Signal | June 2020

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Hello friend, 

Whether you’ve been listening to CJSW for decades or just discovered Calgary’s campus and community radio recently, it can be said that you are hearing radio that was shaped in great part by Allen Baekeland. Allen was one of CJSW’s first employees and did much to create the ethos of CJSW’s broadcast that still can be heard and felt to this day.

Sadly, Allen passed away on May 23, 2020 at home after a tough fight with cancer. Allen was an important and active figure in CJSW’s story ever since he first walked into the station in 1976. Many of you may have heard Allen hosting radio on CJSW over the years or seen him play on stage with one of his many musical endeavors. To those individuals that knew Allen, I need not tell you what a gift for music, both as a DJ and musician, that he possessed and shared so openly.

Thank you for everything, Allen. Your family and friends at CJSW, along with all who were touched by your inimitable presence, miss you greatly and are appreciative of what you did for Calgary’s music and culture scene throughout your remarkable life. 

From everyone at CJSW, we wish you the best of health and happiness now and always.

Adam Kamis 
Station Manager