The Community Signal | September 2020

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Hello friend,

For many people and organizations, the passing into September is as much the beginning of a new year as January 1. This phenomenon is certainly felt by CJSW, even in this strange year of 2020.

September is the start of the Fall semester at the University of Calgary and with that means a lot of meeting new faces for our station. Historically, many of the programmers heard on CJSW began their volunteer journey by discovering our station on campus during this exciting and “new” time of year. As you may also imagine, this year features unique challenges for all on-campus organizations to engage prospective contributors in our traditional methodology.

As such, our team, along with every on-campus based organization, have been working on ways that we can provide COVID-safe opportunities for prospective volunteers to learn new skills, make new friends and help shape the sound of the Voice of Calgary.

If you or anyone you know is interesting in volunteering at CJSW Radio, check out our volunteer page to take the first step into the one-of-a-kind world of campus and community radio.

From all of us at CJSW, we look forward to meeting you!

Adam Kamis
Station Manager