The Community Transmitter | April 2019

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April Fools!

The back of winter seems to be broken for another year! The days are getting longer and the weather is infinitely more pleasant than it was at the start of last month. 

While we wait for the flowers to bloom, all of us must first weather a provincial election. As Calgary’s campus and community voice, CJSW will be airing informative pocket public service announcements (PSAs) leading up to the April 16th voting day that speak to a number of valuable questions that all voters should have answers to when going into the polls.

The CJSW team has asked some of the brightest minds from the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Political Science questions like:
  • How does the provincial government collect revenue?
  • Who are the parties?
  • How are political parties funded in Alberta?
And many more illuminating and informative answers to questions that should be of value to all Albertans.

Keep it locked to CJSW 90.9 FM or for enlightening, entertaining and educational programming created by your community and for your community.

Adam Kamis
Station Manager