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Tha Gospel Ov Fire

Tha Gospel Ov Fire: some “good news” from Heraclitus: an analytic embrace ov all aeternal flux just as it becomes-…

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Doom What Thou Wilt

Doom What Thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Epic, traditional, mournful, bombastic doom metal will be heard…

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Attention Surplus Overdrive

Continuing in the fine tradition of our original program, Attention Surplus Disorder (founded by Richard Z. which ran from 2001-2011)…

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Megawatt Mayhem

Crushing posers since 1986, Megawatt Mayhem stands as one of the world’s longest running Heavy Metal programs. Each week JP…

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Rage Cage

The most dangerous metal show on Earth.

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Bass Ackwards

Two hours of Chaos and Confusion, with Industrial, EBM, and other such dark electro on the first hour, and Gothic…